Ariat Men's Rambler Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boots

Ariat Men’s Wide Square Toe Cowboy Boot Review

It’s not easy to find a good pair of cowboy boots. Unfortunately, if you head to the stores with cowboy boots in mind, you will either find something far too expensive and not worth it, or a pair of boots that are such poor quality, it’s hard to call them boots.

If you check online, you will get struck with far too many options, and everything begins to blend together, making it even harder to pick a pair of boots online.

I’ve been through the struggle. Why is it so difficult to find a pair of cowboy boots that look great, feel comfortable, will last a long time, and still feel authentic?

If you’re looking for a pair of red snakeskin fashion friendly boots with studs and shiny features, this article is not for you.

Ariat Men's Rambler Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot

If you are looking for a pair of boots that are practical, stylish, and quality enough to actually be used by equestrians, then this article is for you.

What we are looking for is a real pair of cowboy boots. We aren’t concerned with imitations or fakes. There are a couple of trusted brands who have been making cowboy boots for years. A couple of trusted brands include: The Lucchese Boot Company, Ariat Boot Company, Tony Lama, and Justin Boots.

I prefer to go with some of these trusted brands because they’ve generally been in the business for several years. They’ve gone through the trials and tribulations and more importantly, they compete with each other to develop the best boot technology. Today we will be talking about one the Ariat Boot Company products.

About The Product

The Ariat Men’s Rambler Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot is a very simple boot. It doesn’t have many fancy features, and instead focuses on quality in the essentials.

The Rambler comes with imported leather, Duratread soles, and a 1.62 inch heel. It is a mid-calf western style boot with a square toe. It comes in one of three color options: a lighter earth brown, a darker wicker brown, and a rustic black. The leather is strong and durable but Ariat really invested in the bottom platform and sole. The platform is made of 4 parts:

  • The Footbed Top - A comfortable moisture wicking outer sole designed to stay comfortable even after long periods of repeated use.
  • The Footbed Bottom - The bottom is gel cushioned and built for absorbing shock. It’s similar to the extra support gel support cushions you can buy to add under your soles.
  • Stability Shank - Underneath the footbed is a forked shank with a lightweight composite build designed to add stability.
  • Outer Sole - Trademark Duratred technology gives the bottom of your boot maximum support and tread.
Mens Cowbowy Boot Top

The carefully crafted platform of the shoe gives a feeling of instant comfort when you slip them on. Let’s dig in deeper to the quality of the boot.

What Others Say

The Ariat Men’s Rambler is extremely well received by the public. It has a 5 star rating on Zappos as well as a 4.4 star rating on Amazon from over 1200 reviews. The Rambler has truly earned its acclaim.

It is comfortable, fashionable and it will you a long time. That being said, there are some things to look out for. Sizing is a little bit iffy. Most reviews find that buying one size smaller works for you. The boots run a little bit large. I generally wear a size 12, but I needed these boots in an 11. They also run a little narrow.

If you have even the slightest semblance of wide feet, you may as well buy the wide option. The wide isn’t as wide as I would have liked, but it’s a start.Once you have found the perfect size, everything comes together. Let’s talk about the quality of leather.

The top is soft but tough. It doesn’t bother your calf area much at all, but if you are new to cowboy boots, we still recommend you buy some calf high boot socks.

The bottom of the shoe is very hard and tough leather. It’s exactly what you want from a boot. It feels so tough that you could navigate through anything with the Ariat’s on. The inside of the bottom is not hard though.

It feels very comfortable, much more comfortable than your average cowboy boot. In fact, if you weren’t looking down at your feet, you may think that you are wearing regular comfortable shoes.

They are a little darker than they appear in photos online. Not so much that I feel like they are different products, but dark enough to notice. So make sure you include that the real thing will be a little bit darker in your calculations.

Ariat Men's Rambler Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot

I saw some reviews of people being unhappy when they tried them on at first. There weren’t many, but it was clear to me that these people were new to boots. I’ve never owned a pair of boots that fit perfectly to begin with.

The rule of thumb is that it takes about a month to break in a new pair of boots, with the Ariat it just took about a week. They are so naturally comfortable that there’s a good chance that you will find them comfortable at first, but just know this is not its maximum level of comfort.

Buying Advice

The price range for cowboy boots, and the Ariats in particular, vary much. You will find them everywhere in the price range from around 100 dollars to 170 dollars. Price will also be reflected in the size of boot you purchase.

Most retail stores will find the Ariats around 150 or 160 dollars.  I suggest checking Amazon first to purchase the Ariat Men's Rambler Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot.

Amazon has a sale on select sizes, so check to see if you can get a good deal or not here first. You may want to check your boot size in a retail store first and then buy from Amazon, but if you don’t have time for that, you can just buy on Amazon and get free exchange if you need a different size.

Final Thoughts

I’ve reviewed many cowboy boots in my life, but the Ariat Ramblers are some of my personal favorite. I appreciate the simple design and the extreme level of detail present in the comfort of the shoe. If you want a high functioning cowboy boot that looks nice, this is your best bet. So what are you waiting for? Head to Amazon and pick up a pair today.

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