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Coconuts By Matisse Women’s Gaucho Boot Review

Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on some cowgirl boots. Sure, if you are on the equestrian team, or live in rural Alabama, you may want to get the real deal cowgirl boots, but if you aren’t trying to herd cattle on your mustang, a good fashionable pair will do.

This review is for people who want a good stylish pair of boots for under one hundred dollars. You may find that this category of boots isn’t made of authentic cowboy leather, but it’s good enough if you are trying to add a little western to your closet.

Coconuts By Matisse Women’s Gaucho Boots

The problem with trying to find a good inexpensive pair of western boots is that you either find ugly boots or uncomfortable ones. I’ve spent countless hours researching, trying, and reviewing women’s boots.

Unfortunately, the best answer has been to buy a smaller size men’s cowboy boots. This is usually comfortable, but it was really missing out a good design for women. Eventually, I came across some good ones. The best brands usually focus on the higher class boots, but if you look around enough, you will find a good pair of boots for a good bargain.

Today, we will be talking about the Coconuts By Matisse Women’s Gaucho Boot.

About The Product

The Coconuts By Matisse Women’s Gaucho Boot are manmade and come with a synthetic sole that is quite comfortable. From the arch, the boot shaft measures 12 inches, and it comes with an inch and a half heel. The boots come in one of 7 color options:

  • Tan - The basic tan is light and the designed stitching looks like a darker shade of tan. The stitching along side the shaft is white. They look great with jeans.
  • Brown - The brown is much darker than the tan. It looks very dark in the picture, but isn’t as dark in real life. The brown looked more ‘worn and cracked’ than other colors.
  • Tan / Red - This option is the most wild of the choices. The shaft is a light red with white and blue stitching for the design. The shoe is a light tan. You may not be able to wear these every day, but with the right outfit these will look killer.
  • Black - These are all black from top to bottom. Even the stitching is black. It’s not shiny black, and instead feels like a smooth worn black.
  • Cognac Pu - The Cognac is a cognac brown that is somewhere in between taupe and brown. I think you can wear these with the most wide variety of outfits.
Coconuts By Matisse Women’s Gaucho Tan And Red Boots
  • Grey - The pictures online make the grey look a little blue. Although there is certainly some hue for it, it’s nowhere near as pronounced as the image makes it seem. It’s pretty grey.
  • Taupe - The Taupe is a creamy white. It would look really good with a light blue or brown outfit.

The Matisse and Coconut Shoe Company has been around since 2001. While there are certainly brands that have been around longer, this company has been around long enough to figure things out. They do a good job, so let’s now discuss how these boots really fit.

What Others Say

With almost 500 reviews, the Coconuts have 4.1 star rating on Amazon, as well as a 4.9 star rating on overstock. For its price, you won’t find a better pair of women’s western boots.

For starters, more than possibly any other boot I’ve ever tried, the Coconuts By Matisse fit accurately according to their size. Generally the smart thing to do is to buy your boots a size larger, but with these I recommend buying your actual size. Over 70% of buyers agree and say that the boot fits accurate to the size you buy it in.

One of the biggest problems with buying cheaper boots is that they are heavy. This is one of the best things about the Coconuts. They are extremely light weight. They are easy to dance in, if that’s what you’re looking for.

They are super cute, but what I really appreciate is that you can’t really tell they’re not real leather. Well, if you get really close or touch them you can tell, but otherwise it’s hard to tell. They are a little puffier than leather, but once you’ve worn them in, you can barely tell the difference. 

Some say the boots may be a little larger, but don't’ get spooked and buy a size down. Worst case, you’ll just need to wear thick socks.

Coconuts By Matisse Women’s Gaucho Boot

If you want the cowboy boot option, and you will at max wear them occasionally, these are the boots for you. It’s not worth it to buy the real expensive stuff unless you are seriously committed to the cowgirl look. If it’s just an option, these are your best bet.

The ‘distressed’ look works better on the lighter colors than the darker ones. They could have made it a little less pronounced. Usually it takes at least a month to break in some boots, and I found this to be the case with these as well. They’re pretty comfortable at first compared to most other boots, but to get maximum comfort, you’ll need to break them in a little.

Buying Advice

When it comes to good western boots for women, these are certainly on the cheaper end. This doesn’t mean they are bad. In fact, they’re some of the best quality for the price. To maximize your efficient purchase, you should check Amazon to buy the Coconuts By Matisse Women’s Gaucho Boot.

They will run you around 50 dollars, but this could change in either direction depending on your size. The best deal for these I have seen is on Amazon. They will run for about 70 or 80 dollars at retail stores.

Final Thoughts

If these boots are listed for a low price for your size on Amazon, you need these boots. They don’t cost that much, and they are just too cute. If you want to ride horses in your boots, these aren’t the boots for you.

But if you want a great design that looks real at a great price, these are the best boots you can find. What are you waiting for? Head to amazon and pick up some Coconuts By Matisse today.

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