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Cowboy Boot Care: How to Care and Condition Your Real Leather Boots

Do You Have Finished or Unfinished Boots?

If you want to clean your boots, consider the type of your boot. If you have finished cowboy boots, you can add some saddle soap to a damp rag.

Wipe your boots down and then use a quick shine sponge to go over the boots. This way, residue won’t remain on your boots. Blot your boots dry.

With unfinished leather boots, use synthetic or natural products. Leather can crack and break down over time. Slow this process or avoid it by completing day-to-day maintenance.

After wearing your boots for the day, brush them with a soft brush. You can get rid of any accumulated dust or dirt. Dust won’t seep into the leather and deteriorate the leather.

Getting Rid of Minor Stains

If you stain your boots, don’t worry. Most of the time, you can get rid of stains with a solution that’s made of water and mild soap.

Rub the stain with this soapy water and after, wipe it away with a damp cloth. Sop up the liquid with a dry towel. You could also try using baby wipes instead of the soapy water.

What About Salt Stains?

During the winter, it’s easy to get salt stains on your boots. If you want to remove the salt, make a solution of vinegar and water.

With care, wipe away the stains with a soft cloth. Sop up any of the liquid with a dry rag.

Clear up Grease Stains

If you are eating a burger or pizza and drip some grease on your boots, you can get rid of the stain. Add some cornstarch to the stain and let it sit overnight.

Next morning, brush the cornstarch off with a soft brush. Clean the area with soapy water and blot dry.

What About Scratches on Your Boots?

As you’re out and about, you can get scratches on your boots. Depending on the scratch and the finish of the leather, you can fix it.

Use a combo of polishing and wax to soften the scratch. Leather is a natural material, so not all the scratches will get removed. Some can get reduced with this remedy, though.

Don’t Use Oils or Heat

Some people might suggest you use olive oil or mink oil to treat your leather boots. Yet, oil isn’t recommended because it would darken the leather on your boots. You might not like the new color change on your favorite leather boots.

You’ll also want to avoid applying heat to your boots. Let them dry on their own to prevent cracking.

What to Do With Wet Boots

If your boots get wet, you don’t want to put them near a heat source. Instead, stuff your boots with newspaper and then let them sit out to air dry.

Don’t wear your boots after they have gotten wet. Take them off right away.

If possible, don’t wear the same leather boots every day. Instead, swap out the boots and let the others sit in an upright position to dry.

Condition Your Cowboy Boots

Pick up or order a lanolin-based leather conditioner. Spot test an area on your boot first by dabbing oil on a cloth and rubbing it into the leather. Set aside your boot for a few hours before checking it.

If your boot is fine, then the conditioner is safe to use. Try to condition your boots twice a year or if you notice any creasing, discoloring, or cracking.

To condition your boots, add a dollop of conditioner to a white terrycloth. Rub the conditioner onto the boot and smooth it over the boot int a thin layer.

Don’t use the conditioner on naked, suede, or nude finish leather boots. If you have snakeskin or alligator cowboy boots, get a specific conditioner for them. After a day, take a clean cloth and wipe off any excess conditioner.

What About Repairs and Resoling?

If you are hard on your footwear, you might need to replace the soles of your leather boots. Some people will replace their soles every year while others will wait a few years. Don’t wait too long. If you do, you’ll have to get a full resole done.

If you are hard on your feet or need more traction, you could see about adding a rubber Vibram overlay on the sole. An overlay will help extend the life of the sole.

You will save money because you won’t have to resole super often.

Your boots are an investment, so take the time to care for your boots. This way, you will keep them for a long time. If you bought your boots not too long ago, learn how to make your cowboy boots more comfortable.

Now You Know More About Cowboy Boot Care

We hope this guide on cleaning cowboy boots was helpful. Make sure you condition your boots and let them air dry if they get wet.

With these cowboy boot care tips, you can keep your boots in great shape!

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