How to Make Your Leather Cowboy Boots More Comfortable to Wear

A good pair of cowboy boots should last you for years. But how do you make them comfortable from the first moment you bring them home?

Leather cowboy boots can be firm and stiff when you first get them. The leather will gradually wear and soften. But there are some steps you can take to make your boots feel great sooner.

Try one or all of these six methods to make your cowboy boots even more comfortable.

Wear Them In

When you buy any new pair of shoes, wearing them in will make them more comfortable. With a pair of leather cowboy boots, it’s even more important to wear them. The beautiful leather that made you buy them in the first place needs to be broken in.

Your feet will warm the leather. That will make the leather more flexible. They will form to your feet and you’ll get a better fitting boot.

It will take a little time and you won’t want to wear them out for a night of dancing. It’s worth putting them on and wearing them around the house. For the first week you have them, put them on for a couple of hours at a time.

This is the cheapest and easiest way to break in your boots so that they feel as good as they look.

Add a Liner

Place an inner sole in the boots. This will make the harder sole of the boot feel better on your foot. You might not be able to do this while you are wearing them in because you still need the boot to form to your foot.

You may also like a liner because it helps with the arch of your foot. They can also provide support where the natural shape of the boot insole doesn’t exactly fit your own foot shape.

Gel, or padded, insoles are great ways to reduce the tension on your toes if your new leather cowboy boots have a tall heel or wedge.

Stretch Your Leather Cowboy Boots

Stretching the inside of your boots will also make them more comfortable to wear. You can stretch your nice cowboy boots with a variety of different methods.

Western Cowboy Boot Stretcher

These wooden devices are tools that fit into the foot of the boot. The bottom is two pieces of wood that you can manipulate to gradually stretch the leather on the foot part. They have a long handle that comes up from the foot through the boot opening.

These stretchers are designed for cowboy boots. They can stretch the leather a lot, though, so be careful when using them.

Soak Them in Water

You can stretch the leather by soaking them in water. However, this is a tricky technique and you can damage your boots.

If you do choose to use this method, put the boots on and dunk them in hot water. Let them air dry. Make sure you use a leather conditioner on them afterward to reduce the negative effects of the water immersion.

Steam the Insides

You can use this method to treat certain areas of the leather. The steam will break down the leather a little bit, allowing you to soften it where you have had rubbing or tightness. It’s another slightly risky method and you should take care not to over-steam them leading to damage to your leather cowboy boots.

You can use a kettle or you can buy a garment steamer. Short bursts (20 seconds or so) of steam aimed at a particular spot should be enough to soften things up.

Put the boots on and wear them around the house until the leather dries. Once they are dry, use a leather conditioner on the areas you steamed to make sure the leather doesn’t dry out and become cracked or brittle.

Wear Better Socks

No matter how good your boots are, the right kind of socks can make all the difference.

If you’re wearing your boots in still, or trying to stretch them out a bit, try wearing 2 pairs of socks at once. The boots will feel snug with 2 pairs of socks, but you’ll get some protection from rubbing and you will stretch them out a little bit, too.

Leather cowboy boots can make your feet warm, especially if you’re wearing them in the office or for a night out. Moisture-wicking socks help keep your warm feet dry. Dry feet mean less rubbing and make your boots much more comfortable when you have them on for long periods at a time.

Buy a Pair of Leather Cowboy Boots That Fit

Because cowboy boots come in so many different styles and because each manufacturer uses their own unique designs, it’s worth shopping around to find a pair that fit you.

Try on different toe styles. All cowboy boots have tapered toes of some kind, but a square toe or rounded toe might work better for your foot than a sharp point.

Try on different leg heights and styles. For instance, a stockman style leg, with a wider opening, might work better for your calf than a narrower roper.

Make Your Leather Cowboy Boots Comfortable and Enjoy Them for Years

One of the great things about a pair of well-made leather cowboy boots is that they can last for years. If you get them fitting right, you’ll get the most out of your investment. And a well-fitted pair of cowboy boots is just like that worn-in pair of blue jeans you’ll be wearing with them: they just feel good.

You should be proud of the boots your wearing, and you should feel good wearing them, too. They’re made for showing off, not sitting at the bottom of your closet because your feet don’t like them!

To learn more about what’s the right kind of cowboy boot for you, check out our boot buying guide today. Purchasing the right cowboy boots is a decision you won’t regret.