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Justin Boots Women’s Classic Toe Shoe Review

Why is it so hard to find the right pair of boots? If I want a pair of boots that fit well and have a lot of comfort I’ll have to buy a small pair of mens’ cowboy boots. But men’s boots never look good as women’s. So we’re stuck in this dilemma.

Do I look good in uncomfortable and poor fitting boots or do I look not as good in comfortable boots. It felt unfair that I had to settle for one of these two options, so I began my long journey of finding the perfect boots for me. 

At first, my journey was only making things look more bleak. The comments section of online stores like Amazon were filled with complaints similar to the one I listed above.

There just plainly aren’t many perfect cowgirl boots for us women. But as I kept trucking through, eventually my research came to some fruition. I found actually a good number of good cowboy boots.

Womens Boots Narrow Toe

The problem isn’t that there’s too few good quality cowboy boots for girls, the problem is that there’s too many bad ones. For some reason people think that they can easily sell us girls a bad pair of boots online or in stores.

Take my word for it and don’t buy anything unless you have read reviews from other women raving about the style as well as the comfort. One of the products that left me very happy was the Justin Boots Women’s Classic Western Boot Narrow Square Toe Shoe.

About The Product

The Justin Boots Women’s Classic Western Boot Narrow Square Toe Shoe is awesome. There are five color and design options which honestly all look great:

  • Tan Damiana - The picture online makes the Tan Damiana look a little green, when really they are a nice Tan. The color is uniform throughout with white stitching.
  • Red Torino Cow - This is the most wild of the color options. It’s a shiny red cowboy boot with tan insides. The stitching is white, and if you can pull it off, it looks great.
  • Black Torino Cow - The black is completely black. Even the stitching is black. It looks smooth, stylish, and shiny.
  • Cognac Damiana - This is my second favorite version. It is a cognac brown, with white and brown stitching. The design is beautiful and a little more pronounced than the others.
  • Saddle Torino - This one is my baby. It’s a light brown color, but it comes with blue, white, and brown stitching. The design is most pronounced here and it looks awesome. They look amazing with jeans tucked in.

The shoe features imported leather, a leather sole, and a 2 inch heel. The boot goes up around 13 inches from the arch, giving you a good sized boot. The square toe is very narrow and chic, which looks good. The combination of the J-Flex comfort system and the memory foam midsole make the boot very comfortable.

Young Woman Wearing Cowboy Boots

Now let’s talk about how the boot really worked out.

What Others Say

With nearly 400 hundred reviews, The Justin Classic boots boast a 4.5 star rating. It carries a 4.5 star rating on Zappos as well. Women love these boots! If you are interested in a pair of cowgirl boots I ask that you check the reviews for these boots. They fit great and look amazing!

A common worry for people seems to be that they think the boot will be too tight around the calf area. This is not the case. Even large calfed women have noted that the boot is a straight cut that will slide right over your calves. You will even have room to tuck in your jeans.

Unlike most boots that you find, these actually fit pretty good. The general rule of thumb is to buy a size larger when you buy cowboy boots, but these run pretty accurate to shoe sizes. If anything, they run a little larger, but if you buy them in your size, that extra room could be useful. Most people found that buying them in their actual size was the best fit.

For those who found that they were a little too big, thick socks seemed to fix the issue. So don’t buy a size down. Buy your actual size, and if they are a little bit big, just wear thick socks. It’s safe to say that everyone is freaking out about how comfortable they are.

One worry I had was that the shoes may make my feet look a little big as they are pointed and square toe. When I put them on, I found this to not be true. The square tip is very narrow, so it doesn’t look that long at all when you put them on.

Justin Boots Women's Classic Western Boot Narrow Square Toe Shoe

The Justin’s hold up quite well, but I still recommend taking good care of them. That means using a leather soap and conditioner every once in awhile. This will ensure that they last you a very long time. The style is great. It’s very pretty, and the brown ones go well with cream, blue, brown, and white outfits. You can use them casually with denim or even throw them on a dress.

Buying Advice

You can save about 30 dollars if you buy the Justin Boots Women’s Classic Western Boot Narrow Square Toe Shoe on Amazon. Depending on your size, the shoe can cost you anywhere from around 60 dollars to over 2 hundred. I suggest checking Amazon first, because there’s a good chance you will get them on a very good deal.

Most other stores will sell them in the 150 to 200 dollar price range. There’s no harm in checking Amazon first, and if you have some size issues, you can always get a free exchange.

Final Thoughts

If the boots weren’t comfortable (which they very much so are), I would still wear them for how good they look. It’s amazing that on top of their great style, they are extremely comfortable. They will stay comfortable as well. Just make sure you regularly maintain your boots with appropriate product. 

What are you waiting for? Head to Amazon today and see what kind of deal you can get on the Justin Boots Women’s Classic Western Boot Narrow Square Toe Shoe.

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