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Roper Men’s Basic Square Toe Western Boot Review

It feels impossible to find a good pair of cheap cowboy boots. If you want the real deal, hand crafted leather design, you will find yourself paying hundreds of dollars. If you ride horses daily, sure that may be worth it, but what if you just want to wear a pair of cowboy boots.

On the flip side, most inexpensive cowboy boots are just terrible. The stitching comes off, the material chips, and everything just looks terrible. If you are looking for a glossy plastic looking pair of boots, this article is not for you.

Roper Men’s Basic Square Toe Western Boot

If you are looking for something with a realistic appearance, tough quality, and an affordable price, then you’ve found the right article for you. There are a couple of trusted brands when it comes to cowboy boots. Among them, the biggest and baddest are Justin, Ariat, Tony Lama, Lucchese, and Roper.

Today we will be talking about the Roper Men’s Basic Square Toe Western Boot.

About The Product

The Ropers are 100% synthetic. The shaft measures 11 inches from the arch, making them a little shorter than most boots. They come with an inch and a half heel. The boot opening is 16 inches around. The boots come in 4 unique designs:

  • Brown Faux Leather / Western Stitch - The top shaft part is white with black stitching in a traditional cowboy design. The bottom is faux ostrich leather. It is a darker brown with a light brown rubber sole.
  • Black Faux Leather / Western Stitch - It is a similar design to the Brown western stitch. It also comes with faux ostrich leather on the shoe, but the bottom is black instead. The top is a very tan soft faux leather with black stitching. It also comes with a light brown rubber sole.
  • Brown - The brown still has faux leather, but it is no longer ostrich stitch. The top is a darker tan faux leather with white and brown stitching. The shoe is a dark brown even darker than the brown western stitch. It also comes with a light brown rubber sole.
  • Tan - The tan is similar to the brown in design. It uses faux leather and also stays clear from the ostrich leather. The top is a black faux leather with brown and white stitching that really stands out. The bottom is a smooth tan faux leather that blends well with the light brown rubber sole.

The sole is very flexible, and the stitching is well done. The welt is double stitched, it is square toed, and it has easy-on pull up straps that match the color of the boot. 

Square Toed Boots Top

​Now let’s talk about how the boot really functions.

What Others Say

With almost 200 reviews the Roper’s carry a 4 star rating on Amazon. Let’s get one thing clear: if you want the best quality cowboy boots out there, these aren’t what you’re looking for. But if you are looking for an amazing bargain, than you have come to the right place. Unfortunately there is no way to sell real authentic cowboy leather boots for this same price.

So ask yourself this: are you willing to spend more than a hundred dollars to get the right boots? If the answer is yes, then move on to more pricey cowboy boots. But if you have a price limit set at a maximum of 100 dollars then you have found the right boots.

Now there’s another word of caution I should get out there. The first two versions of the Roper MEn’s Basic Square Toe Western Boot feature faux ostrich leather.

On the brown faux ostrich leather, the faux is actually pretty good. On the black ones however, the ostrich print isn’t perfect. If you don’t already know what ostrich leather is, then neither will be a problem. You will only notice the difference if you have dealt with and know what ostrich leather looks like.

If you hang around a crowd of people who would know what ostrich leather would look like then I would stay clear of the black western stitch. Otherwise, the faux leather quality is great. I would try your best to not get them wet, but besides that, they look great. 

They are very comfortable, and they feel like tennis shoes. Sizing is very accurate here. Nearly 80 percent of buyers found that the shoe fit accurate to the size they ordered.

Usually people tell you to buy a size up when purchasing boots, but that’s not necessary here. The only difference is if you have wide feet.The wide option is very wide, so don’t order it unless you also have very wide feet. They are very soft and lightweight. I did not find many negative reviews in terms of comfort level.

Roper Men’s Basic Square Toe Western Boot On White Background

One complaint I have, and this is mostly a problem with the regular brown model, is that the upper part looks a little puffy. Puffiness is really what gives away faux leather, and I have grown quite sensitive to noticing this over the years. So the realest two options are the brown western stitch and the tan model. Those are the two options I would recommend most.

Buying Advice

The best place to find the Roper Men's Basic Square Toe Western Boot is Amazon. The shoe will run in price range from 60 to 100 dollars depending on your size and style. You can find these shoes online and in most boot friendly stores, but the best bargain will be on Amazon.

In other stores you will find a flat price of around dollars. On Amazon, for some size and styles, you can find the shoe closer to around 60 dollars. Customer service is friendly through the Roper’s Amazon channels, and if you have problems with sizing you can always get a free exchange.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t spend more than 100 dollars, but want a good quality cowboy boot the Roper Men’s Basic Square Toe Western Boot is for you. I would recommend either buying the brown western stitch or the tan model.

Just know these aren’t real leather, but they’re the best thing you can get asides from the real deal. What are you waiting for? Check Amazon to see how much your size would cost today!

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